Yagya for Pitra Dosha

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Yagya for Pitra Dosha (ANCESTORS CURSES )

Pitru Dosha is said to be formed when (i) Rahu or Ketu closely influence the Sun or the Moon or Jupiter or fortune lord ,when Rahu and Ketu are placed at mid point (ii) due to close afflictions of Rahu or Ketu to the fifth or the ninth houses. The impact of severe afflictions of these planets manifests as a curse. This curse can be cured With the help of regular propitiatory remedies ,the impact of this curse can be mitigated. Those desirous of doing penance for one's past actions can do (i) continuous propitiatory remedies for the afflicting planets/houses; and (ii) wear a Special power Vedic Kavach with Gems(if req.). The details on the recommended special propitiatory remedies and Special Purpose vedic Kavach can be seen on my website.

Inordinate delay in manifestation of various events in life, denials, serious setbacks of health, serious financial setbacks, death of children, litigation and persistent problems are caused by exact or very close unfavorable planetary influences caused by Rahu, Ketu or the most malefic planet in one's birth chart. In this regard see my Interview in EST, Express Star Teller,July 2012 issue The exact or close affliction by Rahu or Ketu to the fifth or ninth houses or to the planets the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are known to cause a curse by forefathers.

The close affliction by the functional malefic planet ruling the sixth house indicates that one has used excessive and unjustified force on others. Those who suffered losses or damages due to one's actions inflict curses on the person(s) being responsible for the damages. The close affliction by the functional malefic planet ruling the eighth house indicates curse by father/spouse.

The close affliction by the functional malefic planet ruling the twelfth house indicates that the person has been cursed by those who suffered because of the vices of the person. During the Pitri Paksha (fifteen days period when as per Shastras /Indian scriptures we need to make offerings for the peace of our departed forefathers to Brahmins, Sweeper,Dogs, crows,birds and to perform SPECIAL SHANTI YAGYA WITH SPECIAL PURPOSE VEDIC KAVACH,

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