Understanding technicality of Yagya

First time in the history of Yagya

Understanding technicality of Yagya

The Sanskrit word "Yagya" is originated from the Sanskrit verb - YAJ = to do fire sacrifice but Yagya is in fact a combination of rituals recommended by Veda and Vedic Scriptures. These rituals include done by of Educated Pundits(Priests):

Puja - A Ritual of one or more gods and goddesses in prescribed method by Veda's

Japa - Recite of some particular mantras belonging to some planets or some scripture to appease a planet or god to deliver results. Japa can be from 108 to 108,000 or even more which may take even maix.time

Prayers - Recite of some particular Vedic Rhyme belonging to some planet or some scripture to appease a planet or god to deliver good results

Homa - A method to sacrifice some particular materials in holy fire chanting a specific mantra to appease a planet or god to deliver results. Also called fire-sacrifice, homam, hawan, ahuti etc.etc.

Donation - Money or any stuff donated to qualified Brahmin Pandits to acquire his blessings for achievements

Brahman Bhoj(Feeding to Pandits) - Letting eat the enlightened pandits to get their blessings.

Japa is a particular quantity (like 108000 times depending on problem to problem) of a mantra which is either from Vedas or from a scripture derived from Vedas. These Vedic Mantras are perfect in rhythm and therefore very effective in generating energies falsely for the purpose that help targeted person to get healed or helped in natural way.

A Shanti yagya means a combination of these many rituals and is specially combined for a particular purpose. Therefore, A Shanti Yagya plus Vedic Kavach with us is always many more times bigger and capable than any normal yagyas which are done traditionally by other people.

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