Shanti Yagya With Vedic Kavach

First time in the history of Yagya

Shanti Yagya With Vedic Kavach

Divine grace in the form of Vedic Kavach,Natural Planatery power Harmonizing Pendant/disc.Laminated Card. Combination of Shanti Yagya with Vedic Kavach,special.power Vedic Kavach or Spl.purpose with Kavach increase Good events in life & remove/minimize the negativity by Rahu/Ketu/Shani and any other planets with negative planetary periods.

This creates first time in the history of (Vedic rituals) Yagya formation with Vedic Kavach.

This much benefits for life as mentioning here in all the related Yagyas for people like:

The Vedic Kavach promotes all the benefic planets as per your birth chart and protects & promote these planets representations at the same time from the negative influences of the malefic planets.

It is also cost efficient. It costs far less than a precious stone as for example the gemstone for the planet Saturn is Blue sapphire and this five carat gem can cost you up to six hundred to one thousand USD or more & protect only one planet-s significaions, but in less cost, Vedic Kavach strengthen/Harmonies your all benefic planets.For more detail about Vedic Kavach,you can see our FAQ page about Vedic Kavach on this website.


Benefits of Shanti Yagya & Vedic Kavach

  • Protects Health,- Provide Financial Stability.
  • Remove sexual inability,- Maintain status, provides professional success,
  • Develops character & Leadership quality,- Success in studies,
  • Examination/Competitive Exams Improve memory,
  • Gives timely marriage, - Prevent marital discord,
  • Success in relationships personal/professional,
  • Blesses with children/Male Child ,
  • Removal of obstructions in life, Shatru Shaman,remove the enemy, Death threatening, Major accidents etc. and ward of all Vastu Dosha, Black magic and many more.

Benefits of Shanti Yagya & Vedic Kavach in Physical & Mental Health

Any Yagya has the power, if perform in proper manner, combat the ill impacts of negativity in life in the form of Negative Planetary Energy of any planet, like The Sun, The Moon,Mars,Jupiter ,Venus,Saturn Rahu/Ketu, depend on Chart to chart. Yagya with Vedic Kavach appears to be a boon of the ancient Indian sciences for achieving this purpose.

The possibilities of curing mental diseases by Shanti Yagya with Vedic Kavach are even more alluring. Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders is still in its infancy in the modern systems of treatment. There are neither well established diagnostic aids, nor any recognized system of treatment of diseases like Neurosis, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Depression, Hyper Tension, Melancholia, Mania, Hysteria etc.

On the other hand, psychosomatic diseases are even more rampant than physical diseases and they wreck the person more than the latter. Manifestation of psychosomatic diseases except in extreme and advanced cases is not so apparent, and that may explain why enough attention has not been paid to them. The stress and strain is gift of modern life, degradation of social behavior and fall in moral values all around are contributing to an alarming increase in psychosomatic diseases.

Shanti Yagya or Yagna might offer a solution to this serious problem as well with help of Vedic Kavach, the divine grace in the form of Natural power of all the benefic planets to be wear in an auspicious time much be in help to combat the negativity for better life with Gems,Color Therepy,donations etc.

The technique of Yagya with Vedic Kavach for the treatment of physical and mental diseases does not comprise mere vaporization of the constituents or herbs to be employed, but various Samidhas are offered into the sacrificial fire of Yagya to create the desired effects with Special Power Vedic Kavach or ,special purpose power Vedic Kavach with or without Gems.(depend on person to person. .

It might well lead to the development of a scientifically established in yagyapathy/ yagnopathy, which may find not only an honored but a leading place in other therapies of the world like Allopathy, Homeopathy, Chromopathy, Naturopathy, Vedic KavachYagnopathy may come into being sooner than expected, and it may rank a unique achievement of the modern age.

Benefits of the Pancha Mahayajnas

By daily doing such acts of kindness and sympathy,feed animals, birds,poors man develops mercy. Hatred Vanishes. His hard egoistic heart is gradually softened thorugh daily prayers.. He cultivates cosmic love. His heart expands. He has a wider outlook on life. He tries to feel his oneness With all beings. His old feeling of separateness on account of selfishness and Egoism is gradually thinned and eventually eradicated. He learns that he can be Happy only by making others happy, by serving others, by helping others, by removing the sufferings of others and by sharing what he has with others. The five great daily sacrifices teach man his relations with his superiors, his equals and his inferiors.

Man has no separate individual existence. He is connected with the world. He is like a bead in the rosary. His whole life must be a life of sacrifice and duties. Then only he will have rapid evolution. Then only he will realize the supreme bliss of the Eternal. Then only he will free himself from the round of births and deaths and attain immortality.

We suggests also Panch Mahayagya Remedies for all the twelve Zodiac Signs/Lagna to perform for peacefull,progressive life.

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