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High Power Yagya

It is a unique system of very high powered Yagyas discovered by Systems Institute of Vedic Astrology.It works according to the Theory of Induction and Auto-Accelerated System of Resonance & Magnetic Waves and in Auto-Charging method of energy of All benefic Planets through Spl.power Vedic Kavach with or without Gems. It is a combination of many strongest & Natural Planetary Power /mantras, their combinations and complete procedure of rituals, those are even double-tripple in power and energy so that it can reach fast and huge benefit to our clients and can protect / benefit persons for long long time. These High Power Shanti Yagyas are meant for High Volume and multiple income, for High Profile professionals such as Beaurocrats/Actors/Musicians, Artists, Doctors, Architects, Advocates and Professionals, for Businesses, Society and Governments.


Popular High Power Shanti Yagyas With Special Power Vedic Kavach

  • Shanti Yagya for help in emergency and severe dangers to life for faster & stronger help.
  • Shanti Yagya to help families.
  • Shanti Yagya For help in arranging or gaining high amount of money.
  • Shanti Yagya for help in minimizing punishment or preventing arrest.
  • Shanti Yagya for saving love life or marriage
  • Shanti Yagya for For help in matter of business and companies.
  • Shanti Yagya for removal of curses, Pitra Dosha or Rahu Chandaal Yoga.
  • Shanti Yagya for spiritual power and motivation & enlightenment.
  • Shanti Yagya for saving Relationship.
  • Shanti Yagya for memory, wisdom and knowledge
  • Shanti Yagya for earning good karma for better & peaceful life.
  • Shanti Yagya for improving business/ job
  • Shanti Yagya for good health and prevention of health problems
  • Shanti Yagya for Saving form dangers, evils and ghosts,black eye.
  • Shanti Yagya for family welfare and peace
  • For success & prosperity in life .

Provide Spl.power Vedic Kavach with each Service.

Charges for each service USD 345 or equivalent to INR.

Payment by Bank , Online Transfer, RTGS Transfer, Cash, Money Gram, Western Union, Book by Pay pal

Quality Performance

Intelligent technics, correct pronunciations of mantras, full quantity and error-free performance make sure you get the expected results on time. We get educated and experienced Pandits for you. We perform and we really perform, so you get results too.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept payment by so many methods like pay by cheque, Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Payumoney, Bank Wire, Cash Deposit on bank account, Online Bank Transfer (NEFT), Western Union,

Outstanding Support

We are available to help you whole day in different time zones of the world. So don't check world clock, just ring us or come on our live chat. And mind you, our chat really works and gets answered. You still get a dedicated Yagya Adviser to hold your hand at every step.