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Founder of Shanti Yagya

J.k Sethi

The Shanti Yagya Group was formed by J.K.Sethi at Systems Institute of Vedic Astrology having experience of 24 years in the field of Vedic Astrology & his Son Rohit Sethi is also practicing Vedic Astrologer, learned astrology under his guidance. After the research of several years & visiting of traditional Hindu System of Vedic Yagya ceremonies, we found that a surprising number of people in India & abroad were interested in access to effective and affordable Yagyas to combat the negative influences. So we began offering them our services , sharing the costs amount the sponsors at Shanti Yagya.

As the group expanded ,we wanted to be able to offer a wider variety of Shanti Yagyas So we were fortunate enough to purchase a facility in Delhi & Kanchipuram South India, a wonderful temple town south in Chennai, India. With that, we were able to offer a greatly expanded variety of Shanti Yagya services Not surprisingly, we are planning to expand to offer participants our services around the world; like USA, UK(Europe), America, South America, Africa, Australia, Canada,France and New Zealand. The group continues to grow on the basis of the consistent results that the yagya performances bring.

Rohit Sethi

Our Mission

At Shanti Yagya, Our mission is to make yagyas available in a way that is as close to the timeless Indian traditions of the Vedas as is possible to include Divine Grace in the form of Vedic Kavach. (The Natural Planetary Power Device, given to everyone who wish to get our services of Yagya. With that in mind, our mission standards are:

  • All Shanti yagyas will be performed in the most traditional Indian authentic manner possible, without regard to cost or time considerations.
  • All Yagya services will be priced so that they are within financial reach of any individuals who wish to participate. The price of the Yagya service should bear a direct correlation to the cost of performing the Yagya.
  • Service, reasonable profit, is the driving motive behind our mission at Shanti Yagya.com
  • Our sponsorship of Shanti Yagyas is intended not only to result in positive benefit for people world over. Through our participation, we honor and preserve the Vedic traditions in India, and provide meaningful employment for highly qualified priests (Pandits).

Quality Performance

Intelligent technics, correct pronunciations of mantras, full quantity and error-free performance make sure you get the expected results on time. We get educated and experienced Pandits for you. We perform and we really perform, so you get results too.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept payment by so many methods like pay by cheque, Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Payumoney, Bank Wire, Cash Deposit on bank account, Online Bank Transfer (NEFT), Western Union,

Outstanding Support

We are available to help you whole day in different time zones of the world. So don't check world clock, just ring us or come on our live chat. And mind you, our chat really works and gets answered. You still get a dedicated Yagya Adviser to hold your hand at every step.