Welcome to SHanti Yagya-The Vedic rituals for better lifestyle

The Shanti Yagya Group was formed by J.K.Sethi at Systems Institute of Vedic Astrology having experience of 24 years in the field of Vedic Astrology & his Son Rohit Sethi is also practicing Vedic Astrologer, learned astrology under his guidance.

After the research of several years & visiting of traditional Hindu System of Vedic Yagya ceremonies, we found that a surprising number of people in India & abroad were interested in access to effective and affordable Yagyas to combat the negative influences. So we began offering them our services , sharing the costs amount the sponsors at Shanti Yagya.

Types of Yagya

Planetary Shanti Yagya

This Yagya helps you minimizing evil influences of the planets to survive in a period with unfavorable planets.

Yagya for Prevention

hese Yagyas are to prevent any danger that you feel or see in coming future or it is predicted by your astrologer.

Yagya for Cure

In your whole life you have collected several bad things those occur as problems and dangers in your life.

Yagya for all Nine Planets

Vedic Mantras are done in recommended quantities for all the nine Planets.


Yagya for all Zodiac Signs

Shanti yagya for Rahu/Ketu & Mercury with Vedic Kavach for Aries Ascendant person.

Special Power Yagyas

We have special power yagyas like SHREE LAXHMI POWER YAGYA, BAGLA MUKHI YAGYA etc.

Yagya For FullFill of Desires

These Yagyas/Pujas are performed for fulfilling your desires, For example, you have 60% good karma to achieve a post or a property.

Black Magic Removal Yagya


Quality Performance

Intelligent technics, correct pronunciations of mantras, full quantity and error-free performance make sure you get the expected results on time. We get educated and experienced Pandits for you. We perform and we really perform, so you get results too.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept payment by so many methods like pay by cheque, Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Payumoney, Bank Wire, Cash Deposit on bank account, Online Bank Transfer (NEFT), Western Union,

Outstanding Support

We are available to help you whole day in different time zones of the world. So don't check world clock, just ring us or come on our live chat. And mind you, our chat really works and gets answered. You still get a dedicated Yagya Adviser to hold your hand at every step.